How We Started


Our journey to where we are now started back in 2005 when Nancy Lewellen, our founder, started working at Hand County Title Company, Inc. After starting her new venture into title work she found a liking with the title work business therefore in 2006 Nancy decided to become a licensed abstractor. Falling in love with the business and when the opportunity came prime to own Hand County Title Company, Inc., Nancy and her husband Bill Lewellen jumped on the opportunity and became official owners of Hand County Title Company. 

While enjoying the title business and the people we get to deal with everyday Nancy and Bill wanted to grow. Opportunity once again presented itself to expand. In May of 2020 Nancy and Bill decided to expand into Faulk County, SD and Edmunds County, SD. They got the opportunity to take over the existing title companies known as Faulk County Land & Title along with Edmunds County Land & Title.  With growth came opportunity. Bill Lewellen chose to retire from being Electrical Superintendent of the City of Miller, SD to help operate the two new title companies along with the existing Hand County location. Along with Bill joining the team Bill and Nancy’s daughter, Amanda, got to move back home to run the Edmunds County location.  

Today we operate three title companies in three different counties: Our Hand County location, Hand County Title Company, Inc.; Our Faulk County location, Heartland Title Companies of South Dakota, Inc., dba Faulk County Land & Title Co; and our Edmunds County location, Heartland Title Companies of South Dakota, Inc., dba Edmunds County Land & Title. Check out all the members of our amazing team and what location they’re at on the “Meet the Team” tab!

We love working with the people in each location and look forward to serving your needs. 

Bill Nancy Lewellen Family